design lesson number two: flexibility (repeat until learned!)

This reno started with the best of intentions, I aspired to tackle one room at a time, from start to finish…really? I should know better. I didn’t want to live in a house in which every room was in a state of construction/reno/mess. Keeping this in mind, a wonky blind got me started on the living room window (was I just supposed to put the new blind up without filling holes, priming and painting the window first?) This is turning into an exciting side project because of the original stained glass window that was hidden in the basement! It will be a labour of love to clean this up and figure out how to mount it in the window (Adam? Shane? Byron? any ideas?) The living room is supposed to wait until the upstairs is done but I fear this might turn into a ‘might-as-well project’. As in, might as well paint the walls, might as well replace the sconces, might as well, might as well…hey, we’ve all been there right?  At least the neighbours won’t see me fighting with the blind anymore. xo

look a the original dentil trim!

notice the original dentil trim!

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