settling in london

Learning a new city can be a lot of fun. We spent the first six months learning as much as we could about our new home city of London, Ontario. Here are some of our best finds…Londoners, please add to our lists if you can!

Food: The Only on King! The Root Cellar, Byron Freehouse, Thaiphoon and Bungalow
Trails: Springbank Park, actually the whole trail system along the Thames River is pretty spectacular!
Kind people: everyone is super-friendly and helpful, we have met some great people and reconnected with old friends
Getting around: biking is much safer than Toronto, we are walking distance from downtown but glad we have a car for most things
Shopping in Wortley: Heist (of course!),  Quartermaster Natural Foods, and Curiosities
Coolest new ‘firsts’: Gardner Galleries auctions! Heeman strawberries, hula hooping at Wholistic Hall

Looking forward to continued exploration…especially house-related sourcing and shopping! By the end of this reno we’ll have a comprehensive design resource list for you Londoners. Want to add your favourite London home stores, secret sources and quirky shops?


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