a little more about us

In case you have been asking yourself ‘who is this urban farm girl?’ and ‘who is working on this project?’ and ‘where do these ideas come from?’,  here is a little more about us.

Rach_MG_1463 - Version 2el (urban farm girl) is an interior decorator, artist and craftsperson who has been in Toronto for 25+ years, working in both interior design and non-profit organizations. Rachel’s work experience includes: event planning, set design, residential interior design, television work, creating/selling her art and crafts, as well as non-profit management, quality improvement and evaluation work. She is trained as an interior decorator and ran a successful design company with partner Susan Abramson for over 10 years (2 Great Gals). Currently building a design business in London Ontario while renovating her 106 year old, yellow brick home.





is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and craftsperson who has also been living and working in Toronto for the past 20+ years in the art and design fields. His laser-etched long board illustrations have been exhibited in Toronto and will soon be available via Etsy.  Adam is currently putting his carpentry and construction skills to use in the renovation of the home he shares with his wife Rachel (urban farm girl) as well as designing neighbourhood merchandise for local Wortley Village shop, Heist.





is the general contractor and owner of True North Renovations, and partner in True North Homes, specializing in the restoration of older homes. His approach brings houses back to their former glory and prestige while ensuring today’s conveniences and modern standards are met. The end product is a home that maintains its historic character with today’s lifestyle in mind. In addition to the yellow brick project, he is currently working on the restoration of a mid-century home in North London.

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