design lesson: small bathrooms

Small spaces can be the most challenging and often the most creative to design. Every inch matters. A benefit of small spaces – with smaller amounts of materials needed, you can splurge a little without breaking the budget. Some things to keep in mind when designing small bathrooms.

  1. Keep the number of finishes to a minimum. Limit the number of different tiles, paint colours and metal finishes.
  2. Take careful measurements before you shop, and stick with your design plan. A few extra inches can make a huge difference in a small space.
  3. Build clever storage options i.e. recessed shelving between studs, hooks for towels instead of bars or rings, a recessed medicine cabinet, a basket tucked in the corner for toilet paper rolls…
  4. Consider a floating vanity. You may lose a bit of storage but will gain visual floor space.
  5. Add radiant floor heating and eliminate a water radiator or vent which take up space and could influence fixture placement.
  6. Ensure there is ‘breathing room’ on your walls. Do not fill every square inch, leave empty space for the eye to rest.
  7. Add a small pendant light instead of wall sconces if space is tight around the vanity.
  8. Repetition is important i.e. all chrome hardware, all black accessories, all walnut cabinets.
  9. Limit the number of accessories.
  10. Add one really cool feature to give your small bathroom some personality! For example, tile a whole wall floor to ceiling, paint the ceiling black, hot pink or sky blue, add stunning artwork or sculpture, brightly coloured geometric printed towels, or a colourful kilim rug. Have fun! xo

small bathroom design

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