stained glass beauty

As I cleaned and repainted this beauty, I kept thinking of all the hands that lovingly wiped the panes in this window. Over 100 years ago, long before me, my mother, or grandmother were even born, someone was cleaning and admiring the glass much the same way I am today. This is why I love old houses. Restoring this window is one of the ways I am making friends with my new home, and building what I know is the start of a beautiful relationship. I love how it turned out, do you?

Image 14


IMG_2663  Image 16 

Design tips: Hang your blind under the stained glass panel so it’s beauty is always visible, even when the blind is closed. If you’d like to add softness, hang drapes on a rod that extends past the window on each side. That way, when the drapes are open, you can clear the window and show off the stained glass. To accentuate the height of your room, hang the rod above the window trim, just under the crown molding. We decided to go with a contemporary white roller blind and no drapes, to balance out the traditional style of this house. xo



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