renovation survival tips

Anyone who has lived through a renovation has been there. At the point when the initial excitement has started to wane and months of a project are looming ahead, it is important to find ways to care for yourself, both physically and mentally. Renovation projects can be especially disruptive to your life, and living in the space while renovating, well…let’s just say it’s really important to practice good self care. Some tips to help you manage:

  • clean up after the trades leave each day, you will appreciate the evening so much more and maybe, just maybe, you will actually relax
  • make sure to control the ‘spread’ of the reno, ensure there are a couple of rooms that show no sign of renovations and resist the temptation to use these spaces for storage or work rooms!
  • tape plastic tarps with long zippers to doorways to confine the dust to construction areas (this is a lifesaver!)
  • fill the fridge with simple, healthy foods as you’re not going to want to cook big meals and you will not want to live on take out
  • get time away from the work site, go for walks, spend some time outside
  • make sure your trades can reach you (or your decorator/designer) to ask questions as the project progresses, it is easier to clarify what you want before a decision gets made and something gets installed in the wrong spot
  • take time to relax every day; meditate, go for a walk, talk with a friend, read a good book, watch a funny movie
  • create a binder to keep all reno related materials together (receipts, spec sheets, colour swatches, contact info, etc.)
  • don’t sweat the small things that go wrong, most things can be fixed or changed
  • get plenty of sleep
  • plan regular celebrations of milestones along the way
  • and remember the bigger picture – the renovation is temporary, you will enjoy the newly finished space for many years…xo

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