the project management triangle

The project management triangle is a good principle to keep in mind for any renovation project. The three elements are: speed, cost and quality. Unfortunately, you may only choose two of the three elements. We have decided for the yellow brick project that we would sacrifice speed to keep the budget in check and assure high quality. When I get a little antsy about the length of time the project is taking (ahem, a tarp for a bathroom door!) Adam kindly reminds me of what we call the quality triangle.

project management triangle

Here is a story that illustrates how the quality triangle is playing out in real life right now. On a visit to Toronto in December I found a gorgeous vanity at a higher end bath store. At $3,000 each, they were not possible within our budget. So we began designing our own and with the help of an expert wood worker friend, a lot of time and patience we are, four months later, almost finished building a pair of lovely floating vanities. The learning curve  was huge but the results are something we are proud of.

To keep costs down we purchased:
IKEA sinks (Yddingen)
Single lever matte black faucets from Rona
Double sided walnut veneer plywood


And, because we choose quality and cost over speed, you will have to wait to see the finished product!  xo

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