when things go wrong

Please don’t rip out your hair when things go wrong! Believe me, in every renovation there are things that happen that are out of your control. Items are out of stock, trades get called away on another job, delivery delays, installation mistakes, wrong items delivered, etc.

Here’s how to bounce back:

  • acknowledge that the situation sucks
  • know that everyone who’s ever renovated has also experienced the same frustration, disappointment, etc.
  • take action –  there are decisions that can remedy any situation, it might cost a bit more or take a bit longer but when things go wrong, know that things can be righted
  • be kind to yourself, mistakes happen, learn from them and move on
  • take note of all the things that are going right, stay positive
  • look for the ‘happy accidents’, the mistakes that push your creativity further than it might otherwise go

Ways to prevent the big mistakes:

  • measure, measure and measure again
  • double check your colour matching for custom fabrics, tiles (anything that would be difficult to change later)
  • make sure all of your trades know the details of the overall design plan
  • communicate clearly, directly and frequently with everyone involved on the project
  • stay organized, double check delivery dates, use a calendar to schedule each trade
  • plan for budget overages (10%, 20% for older homes)

When things go wrong it can feel like the renovation stress will never end. It might not seem like it at the time, but trust me, you will forget the things that went wrong and completely enjoy your beautifully renovated space.

In case you are wondering if some things went wrong on this bathroom reno, you betcha! Am I following my own advice? Absolutely! Staying positive and looking for the ‘happy accidents’. xo


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