the garden is beckoning

It is challenging to work indoors when I hear the garden calling my name. Gardening is such a labour of love for me and one of the most compelling reasons we left our little Toronto property behind. Our postage sized yard with no grass did not prepare us for this! Needless to say, we have a lot to learn about maintaining our new gardens and lawns. There are so many plants coming up right now, some familiar and some that will remain a mystery until in full bloom. This is what the garden looks like (once Adam got his hands on a few more tools and we did a bit of garden clean up). We have plans, BIG plans that will take a few years to implement but isn’t it just gorgeous right now?

We connected with Becky and Sean from Earth Magic Permaculture to create a garden plan that will work for this space and help with plant identification and selection. I highly recommend their garden consultations, which are informative, earth-friendly, detailed and affordable. After they left I felt more confident and immediately got to work removing all of the mustard garlic (invasive), a dead lilac bush and planted our paper birch tree in precisely the right place. What do you think of their veggie garden plan? So sweet!

veggie garden plan

Being in nature is renewing, healing and such an important part of my life. Gardening gives me a sense of connection with my Italian grandparents. By carrying on the tradition, I feel it honours them and in some way keeps them close. It’s one more reason I am grateful to live here, with mother earth, the trees, flowers, birds and bunnies (and of course, Adam). xo


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