the veggie garden!

For many, the May long weekend signals the start of the veggie garden! Even though we Londoners had a few flurries the weekend before, it was gorgeously warm and we were able to plant one of our garden beds. We look forward to watching a variety of tomatoes, peppers and herbs grow over the summer. Salsa anyone?

Although we have plans to rebuild the veggie beds in the future (the wood is beginning to rot) we decided to use the existing ones for now. Adam cleaned up the fencing to make it a bit more functional and aesthetically pleasing. He even added a gate for me so I don’t have to climb over the rabbit fence anymore. What a sweetheart!

A little mulch and a maybe a couple more basil plants (can you really have too many?) then we start the second veggie bed!

When I get a little overwhelmed by the size of the yard, I look back at the before pics and see the steady progress. Slowly and with a lot of love, this garden is flourishing. Have I mentioned how much I love this place? xo



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