small refinishing project

I am loving this product we found in a sweet, little shop called Stan Portley’s here in London. It’s usually used as a natural sealer for Van Gogh chalk paints and is made in Canada (in BC).


Our old outdoor furniture was revived with a palm sander and this product. We love the results! Don’t you? xo

outdoor chairs


    • Rachel

      For scuffed legs that are gouged I would recommend Minwax Blend-fil Pencils, available in a variety of wood colours to match any finish. Alternatively their stain markers are great for small scuffs, again in a variety of finishes. Check out their website here.xo


    • Rachel

      If your floor is already oiled, sure. If your floor is sealed with polyurethane, then no. You won’t be able to polyurethane the floor later on without a big job of removing all of the wax. Best to lightly sand and re-seal with whatever was used for the original finish. For small scratches, stain markers work wonders! xo


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