It’s officially garden season!

The gardeners out there will appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing beds for planting. My body feels exhausted in that “I’m so proud of myself!” sort of way as my mind is dreaming of tomatoes, herbs, kale, hot peppers, beans, peas …yes I did say tomatoes! The neighbours’ black walnut was cut down last fall and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it was far enough away that the roots won’t affect my plants this year. The beautiful weather means I’ll be living outside for the season…I’m sure the half finished house projects will still be waiting for me in the fall. xo


Perennials that came back: asparagus, mint, lavender, sage, thyme, chives and chamomile…also you can’t see in the pic but there are a few rows of garlic that I planted in November too!


  1. Mary

    Your newly prepared garden represents so much promise and potential at this time of the year. Wishing you a bountiful crop of goodies and only pleasant surprises this year.


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