Rachel is an interior decorator, artist, and craftsperson with a passion for creating beautiful spaces that encourage well-being and inspire personal growth.

The urban farm girl philosophy

Our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing are deeply affected by our environments. Whether it’s extra clutter, or a room that never quite felt “right,” discordant elements in our homes can leave us feeling stressed and stagnant.

Rachel believes that our homes should support us — not challenge us. She uses energetic clearing and cohesive design principles to simplify residential spaces and promote personal wellbeing.

The goal is to create a more conscious environment, one where each element that surrounds us is both purposeful and harmonious.

The urban farm girl at work

Rachel’s background is in interior decorating, and for ten years she ran the “2 Great Gals” design company with partner Susan Abramson. Together they served over 500 happy clients in the Greater Toronto Area and appeared on the W Network, HGTV, The Food Network, and Rogers Cable 10.

Rachel has a diverse set of skills in her design toolbox. She’s also an experienced event planner, set designer, and a nonprofit director who was awarded the Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Grant in recognition of her leadership contributions in the field of community health.

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beautiful white bedroom