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The beauty of using what you’ve got

I have a lovely, quirky, full-of-life sort of client who has beautiful, interesting things tucked in every closet of her home. Sound familiar? I say it’s time to pull out all the stops and create a unique home that feels like YOU. For this client we added drama to her front entrance without adding a lick of paint as it is a rental home. The hot pink sari curtains and theatre masks may not be your cup of tea but suit this client perfectly. Discover what makes you smile and hang it, display it, enjoy it! xo



Clients who love colour!

If you know my affinity for white, white and more white, you may be surprised to know how much I also LOVE working with clients who desire bold colour choices in their homes. Over the last two weeks I have worked with two different clients (one residential, one commercial) who opted to go bold with these beautiful colours. Would you dare use a bright, bold colour in your home? Even just a little? xo

the perfect gallery wall in five easy steps

I was getting really tired of my dining room being a site where we stored construction materials and even though I told myself I didn’t want to touch a room more than once (who made up that rule anyway!) we needed to make a change. So glad we took a couple of days to move out the materials, paint and hang a gorgeous gallery wall (much of our artwork was still stored in boxes since Toronto!) This wall will come down when we open up the kitchen but until then I will enjoy this view.

If you’ve always wanted to hang a gallery wall but weren’t sure how to get that balanced, curated look, this post is for you! Check out my Pinterest board on gallery walls and get inspired to create your own.

Designer tips for success:
start with a freshly painted wall
take your time to play with the layout
add a few sculptural and/or quirky pieces
choose pieces you absolutely love
use a variety of shapes and sizes

Five steps to the perfect gallery wall:

Select your art and lay it out on the floor and play with the layout until it feels just right (Tip: I laid it out on a white sheet so I could see what it would look like on the white wall).

Trace and cut out paper shapes for each piece of art. Kraft paper, clean newsprint and even the back of old wrapping paper works well!

Tape the shapes on the wall and adjust the spacing and arrangement ’til you’re happy.

Measure down from the top of each piece of art to where the hanging mechanism or wire is and then measure down from the centre of the corresponding paper and mark where you will put your nail. Did you notice this is the only measuring needed!

Hammer in your nail and hang the art piece. Remove the paper and repeat with each piece of art.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your newly hung art wall!  Here’s how mine turned out. xo

gallery wall


your sweetie wants a recliner, oh no!!!!

Just say no…Or say yes, and kindly offer a few tasteful suggestions :)

The key to a stylish recliner is to keep it streamlined – simple lines, narrow arms, neutral and masculine. The following items will blend into any decor. Say no to anything puffy and oversized, and for the love of good taste, no cup holders!!! xo


West Elm






West Elm

Or some classic recliner alternatives…


Design Within Reach


Design Within Reach



West Elm

And for those looking for a stylish glider, this is the loveliest I have seen!


West Elm



finding treasures

The saying is true. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. My mom and I were going through my grandparents house before it sold. I wanted something that would remind me of my grandfather and his love of gardening (and wine making!) These might not look like much but they are treasures to me. If you are paying attention, you will have noticed one of the pieces already found a home in my new bathroom. xo

Image 1