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your basic toolbox


Here is what you need to keep on hand for basic home maintenance and repairs. I am not talking about renovations, but about items that will come in handy for most day-to-day needs.

All of these items can be purchased at your local hardware or home building store. Most are modestly priced.

Tools and supplies for your basic toolbox:

  • cordless drill (with drill and screwdriver bit sets) – your most expensive item
  • screwdriver sets: Robertson (square) and Phillips (star) and Slot (flat), various sizes
  • claw hammer
  • adjustable wrench
  • pliers set
  • picture hanging kit
  • level (torpedo)
  • tape measure
  • variety of nails & screws
  • utility knife
  • safety goggles
  • caulking gun and caulking

Cool additional items to keep on hand: a putty pencil or DAP, magic eraser, stain markers, goo gone and glue.

Tools and supplies also make great housewarming gifts! xo


bathroom plans

Ooooh, the bathroom is starting, the bathroom is STARTING! We decided on the layout for this small bathroom with a little help from my talented friend and ex-business partner Susan (Toronto Designers) and  from Shane, our fabulous contractor (True North Renovations). After much consideration, we have decided to take a couple of feet from my office space in order to enlarge the main bath. Is it worth sacrificing a bit of office space for a separate shower? We say YES!

The Floor Plan

The room has a sloped ceiling on the left side so it made the most sense to put the tub and toilet underneath (our current shower is under the slope and the biggest impetus for the renovation). For those of you with a keen eye, rest assured, there will be a door. We haven’t decided on a pocket door or a door swinging to the left. Your preference?

Find a wide open space in another part of the house and use painters tape to lay out the actual floor plan to scale as in the pic below. This gives you a view of the complete space, impossible to do in the existing bathroom with the wall still up. Walking into the taped out space helps you to get a more accurate sense of size and spacing. And yes, I did actually get into that ‘tub’ with a glass of wine and it works just fine.


More to come soon, off to find a tub and toilet! xo