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3 key habits to change to stay clutter free

Ok, so you feel really great about clearing out your clutter and want to keep it that way, right? If you don’t change a few key habits, you might find yourself back in the exact same cluttered place. Don’t let this happen to you!

3 key habits to stay clutter freeOne: Stop the retail ‘therapy’!
There is a psychology to purchasing – when you feel down or unbalanced and go shopping to make yourself feel better, you end up choosing things that are not really you and will not feel good to you once you are feeling better. This is where we tend to impulse shop, overspend and regret our purchases. Replace retail therapy with a healthier alternative; go for a walk in nature, exercise, talk with a friend, read a good book…you get the picture. Changing this habit will stop bad purchases from becoming future clutter.

Two: Be thoughtful about everything that comes into your home.
Yes, EVERYTHING! From junk mail to gifts, know that everything that comes into your home affects your energy in some way, so choose a positive influence. Get in the habit of asking yourself how something makes you feel and if has negative feelings around it, let it go immediately! Don’t put it somewhere to ‘decide later’, just let it go now.

Three: Be grateful for the things you have.
I have a small newspaper clipping in the bottom of my Christmas ornament box that I ‘find’ every year that says to be grateful for what I already have. To want what you already have is liberating! Being grateful in the context of clutter clearing simply means honouring what you have by keeping it clean, in good repair and ensuring it has a place. Organizing your belongings and tidying up each day will help to keep the peaceful atmosphere you’ve created.

This was meant to be the last installment of my clutter clearing series – but who I am I kidding, clutter clearing is never completely finished. As we grow and evolve, so should our living spaces. We will need to keep at it so our homes support our newest dreams, adventures and the lives we want to lead.

Here are a few of my favourite books on organizing and clearing clutter to keep you inspired! xo

clutter clearing and organization books





clutter finds a new home

A big question that may come up for you when clearing clutter is: “What will I do with the items I no longer want?” You might feel it’s important to ensure that items, especially sentimental ones, go to a good home and that, as much as possible, items are kept out of our landfills. I hope the following resource list will be helpful to my fellow Londoners when you get to this stage of your clearing. Non-Londoners note: many of the sources are provincial or have locations in other areas (click on the links to find a location in your city). Here is a link to a downloadable version.

Helpful tip: Add your name to a regular call list with the Canadian Diabetes or Cerebral Palsy Associations. Their calls provide strong motivation and a helpful prompt to have a box ready for donation every month or two. Keep at it, you got this! xo

goodbye clutter

Donate Household Items
Who What / Cost Where
Canadian Diabetes Association


Free pick up of clothing, linens, toys, dishes, household items and small appliances. www.diabetes.ca/how-you-can-help/clothesline

Call 1-800-505-5525 to schedule a pick up

Habitat for Humanity ReStores Drop off windows, doors, cabinets, tools, light fixtures, furniture. May be able to arrange pick up. Contact your local store to determine suitability of donation.



317 Adelaide St S 519-659-1949 x281

5-40 Pacific Crt 519-659-1949 x225

Society of St Vincent De Paul Large furniture pick up (needs couches and kitchen tables). Drop off of smaller household items at either location.



585 York St 519-438-7071

1005 Elias St 519-433-9210

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy Free pick up of clothing, linens, small appliances, books and household items. www.ofcp.ca/donate/collection/

Call 1-888-238-6327 or 519-620-0918 to schedule a pick up

Goodwill Industries Drop off clothing, books, household items and furniture. www.goodwillindustries.ca

255 Horton St 519-850-9000 and others

Freecycle Join a network of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free. Free to join, individuals will pick up items. www.freecycle.org


City of London Depots Will take mattresses, electronics, appliances, tires, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and more. Fees are related to weight. www.london.ca/residents/garbage-recycling/recycling/pages/depot/aspx

519-661-4570 or email questions to


1-800-Got-Junk Things for which you have no other option. www.1800gotjunk.com


Sell Household Items
eBay Sell almost anything. Easiest for smaller items, charges a small fee, you arrange shipping. www.ebay.ca


Craig’s List & Kijiji Free, online listings, buyer will pick up items. www.londonon.craigslist.ca


small refinishing project

I am loving this product we found in a sweet, little shop called Stan Portley’s here in London. It’s usually used as a natural sealer for Van Gogh chalk paints and is made in Canada (in BC).


Our old outdoor furniture was revived with a palm sander and this product. We love the results! Don’t you? xo

outdoor chairs