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to stain or not to stain

The exterior of the shop is finished and looks amazing! We are undecided about whether to seal or stain the rough pine. I like the natural look but also think it could be stunning in a dark, opaque stain. Will you help us decide? Here are a few options we are considering.

  1. keep it natural and simply use a matte clear coat
  2. stain option #1: Westcott Navy
  3. stain option #2: Ashland Slate
  4. stain option #3: Black

Rationale behind choosing a solid stain over a translucent one: the yellow of the pine adds a not so lovely greenish hue to a translucent stain, and because the wood has been installed in stages, some areas are much lighter in colour than others and would stain differently.

stain colours

Once stained/sealed we are moving onto the interior shop completion! xo