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The beauty of using what you’ve got

I have a lovely, quirky, full-of-life sort of client who has beautiful, interesting things tucked in every closet of her home. Sound familiar? I say it’s time to pull out all the stops and create a unique home that feels like YOU. For this client we added drama to her front entrance without adding a lick of paint as it is a rental home. The hot pink sari curtains and theatre masks may not be your cup of tea but suit this client perfectly. Discover what makes you smile and hang it, display it, enjoy it! xo




design lesson : styling a vignette video

Have you ever seen a beautiful photo in a magazine and wondered… “Do people really live like that?” Well, I can tell you what you already know, most people do not live like the afters you see on HGTV or in design magazines. However, you can have pleasing arrangements throughout your home that give you that magazine look. I made a short video with some design tips to inspire you to create beautiful vignettes (little moments) in your own home. See if you can spot the following design principles at work: balance (visual weight, symmetry), space (positive and negative, scale, proportion), focus (focal point, contrast), rhythm (visual flow, pattern) and unity (similarity, proximity, alignment). This vignette works because of the combination of function and beauty. I hope you enjoy my very first video! xo