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to stain or not to stain

The exterior of the shop is finished and looks amazing! We are undecided about whether to seal or stain the rough pine. I like the natural look but also think it could be stunning in a dark, opaque stain. Will you help us decide? Here are a few options we are considering.

  1. keep it natural and simply use a matte clear coat
  2. stain option #1: Westcott Navy
  3. stain option #2: Ashland Slate
  4. stain option #3: Black

Rationale behind choosing a solid stain over a translucent one: the yellow of the pine adds a not so lovely greenish hue to a translucent stain, and because the wood has been installed in stages, some areas are much lighter in colour than others and would stain differently.

stain colours

Once stained/sealed we are moving onto the interior shop completion! xo



remember the workshop?

As the warmer weather brings us outside, the work on Adam’s workshop has resumed! We still have lots of work to do on the inside, but don’t you think the outside is shaping up nicely?  Goodbye pink siding, hello sweet board and batten! xo

Image 4Image 5


design lesson number one: be flexible

We thought we’d be a lot further along and have at least one room completed. But nooooooo. Life and renovations don’t actually work like that. Although we are sleeping in the master bedroom, it is far from finished. And until the bedframe comes at the end of January, there will be no beautiful before and after pics for you! I may however, entice you with a few sneak peeks as we move forward…

Guess what we started instead? Adam’s woodshop! The beautiful December weather inspired us to get him a proper work space so he is not sawing inside the house over the winter, sensible no? And there is also the fact that I wasn’t ready to start the bathroom (the real reason). Here are a few pics of the progress so far. I am actually a bit jealous as I can already see how fantastic it is going to be. Can you see it too? Here are the before pics, just click on an image to see the gallery close up.


And here are a few of the in between stages. Keep in mind, like all renovations, it gets worse before it gets better! And yes, the siding has a slight pink tinge – just lovely.


And just for fun and because it’s a little gross, here are some inside shots!


We look forward to finishing the window installation before the snow comes and sharing the next phase with you. Until then… xoxo